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Clifford Chance partners like to have a bit of a laugh – even at the due diligence stage of deals, which is not particularly known for its entertainment value. Apparently, a while back, one set of lawyers based in the firm's Brazilian wing decided to have a bit of a wheeze with a non-Portuguese-speaking partner from London. The deal would go a lot smoother, they told the unfortunate partner, if he would do a short speech in Portuguese to the other side before the meeting started. His Brazilian colleagues would write the speech for him and coach him.
The day of the meeting arrived and the partner started off well enough, explaining in Portuguese that he apologised for the size of the due diligence task ahead of them but that it was necessary etc, before ending his speech with: “… and I have a huge penis.”
First to dissolve into laughter were the Clifford Chance lawyers who couldn't believe their luck that the partner had fallen for the cruel (but funny) wheeze. Then the other side slowly realised what had happened and joined in the laughter. The partner was a bit bemused but then started laughing too, glad to have broken the ice. Apparently, for the rest of the deal, the partner was sent letters addressed to Huge Penis.