CC partners have a Pop at top job

There are few bigger shoes to fill in the City than those of Stuart Popham, but that’s the challenge facing the (un)lucky person who ultimately emerges as Clifford Chance’s new senior partner (see story).

Popham, by general consensus, has made the role his own over the course of the past eight years, creating an address book packed to the gills with City movers and shakers, politicians, business leaders and even a few lawyers.

As if to prove how tough an act to follow he will be, in the week that partners were emailed asking for nominations for his replacement Big Poppa was off touring India on the arm of the PM.

Lucky old Popham, getting to swan around with Dave and be snubbed by India’s political elite, while David Childs stays at home to make the tough decisions.

Popham’s would-be successors may all be good lawyers, popular team players, expert waffle makers and concert-standard harp players, but Yves Wehrli, Malcolm Sweeting and Jonathan Elman might need to produce Barrack Obama’s mobile number to land the job.