CC looks for savings on Indian breakaway

Clifford Chance held a conference for its senior non-fee-earning professionals this weekend. Amid all the bonding, we imagine that at least part of their time was spent discussing the new drive to push down costs.

For as we exclusively reveal today (click here), Clifford Chance is moving 300 jobs to India: an entire back office.

It won’t be the last organisational shake-up at Clifford Chance this financial year. As our story makes clear, the firm has targeted another £30m in cost savings ­ and this is on top of the £40m savings it made two years ago.

Goodness, at this rate the top of equity at Clifford Chance could make it over the million-pound mark by the end of this financial year. (We’re sure that’s entirely coincidental.)

Talking of profit, in the issue today we preview the findings of The Lawyer Global 100. The full report is out at the beginning of next month, but those of you wanting to know how many UK firms make the rankings should check out our story here.