CBS eyes cover up

We can’t wait to read the transcript.

Tomorrow (11 September) will see US television network CBS back in court to maintain that it had nothing to do with Janet Jackson’s infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ when she performed at the 2004 Superbowl with fellow popstar Justin Timberlake [see story].

Viewers will remember that Janet took Justin’s line “Gonna have you naked before the end of this song” a little too literally. One breast, the right, bare but for a strategically placed nipple shield (everyone should have at least one), made a bid for freedom.

Cue nipplegate and a scandalised, mortified America.

Now, there is a certain lucky streak when it comes to the Jackson family and the courts, but CBS is nevertheless distancing itself from the voluptuous songstress.

The case is still generating smirks even now, few more so than the revelation that in the original ruling the Federal Communications Commission claimed the shot of Jackson’s chest was “titillating”. Indeed.