Caught napping

Everyone has those days from time to time when getting out of bed is just a feat too far. Usually it means a stagger to the phone, a quick, croaky “I’m ill”, and then all the daytime telly you can stomach. Followed by double the work the next day.

For US attorney Don Huprich, though, the ramifications of not making it in to work one day were slightly more costly. On 15 September, Huprich, of Georgia firm Huprich & Associates, was due to appear as the defendant in a malpractice trial. Failing to show, Huprich faxed the judge later that day claiming that his abject “lack of sleep” the previous night had caused him to drive so poorly that he almost caused an accident in the rush hour traffic.

“I decided it was not safe for others or me to drive in rush hour traffic,” said the ever-considerate Huprich, “and got off the interstate by Cumberland Mall and returned home.”

Unfortunately for Huprich, Judge Linda Hunter was unsympathetic to his insomnious plight: she stung him with a $5m damages verdict.