Castles in the air

Tulkinghorn was delighted to receive an invite to a debate hosted by the Law Society on the topic "Comfortably Balancing Work and Life – Is This A Distant Dream For Most Of Us?"

Tulkinghorn was genuinely looking forward to gaining valuable lessons on how to manage his hectic schedule. In the original press release, John Edmonds, general secretary of the GMB, the UK's general union, was due to say: "In Britain we need to grow up and realise that putting work above everything else in life not only cuts us off from our family and friends, but can convert the most interesting job into drudgery." A fine sentiment indeed.

However, unfortunately, we will not be treated to this and other pearls of wisdom, as a second release, sent out on the very day the debate was due to be held, announced the cancellation of the event. On contacting the Law Society's press office to uncover the possible explanation for the cancellation of such a crucial debate, Tulkinghorn was informed that it wasn't due to lack of interest or a force majeure, but "you know, busy people". At the same debate, Stephen Alambritis from the Federation of Small Business was expected to argue: "It's true to say that a successful work life balance is the individual's responsibility." Wise words indeed.