Carrying the Cannes

Tulkinghorn has regularly reported stories about lawyers who might justifiably claim to have the best job in the world (think Manches’ Alex Carter-Silk and his work for Elle ‘The Body’ MacPherson). Last Friday (19 May) he had cause to pen another such tale.

Word had reached him that South West firm Thring Townsend had secured the honour of advising the backers and producers of one of this isle’s most prestigious film franchises. Yes, the Carry On back catalogue is soon to be extended (what do you mean they’re s**t?) with the 328th installment, Carry On London.

The lawyer leading the team negotiating the £6m budget and its theatrical release is not even a partner. Senior associate Charles Cook is the main legal man for the film (which will star Shane Ritchie, Vinnie Jones and the delectable Victoria Silvstedt, who Tulkinghorn has always thought a fine and accomplished classical actress).

Not only is Cook just 27, but he called Tulkinghorn from a boat in Cannes, having popped down for the film festival. What a carry on.ministerial role.

Tulkinghorn will not be shedding many tears over the change of location, but he hopes that a new room may bring better coffee and, hopefully, biscuits.

Meanwhile, Lord Falconer was spotted recently sporting a charity wristband. It was a purple one, which apparently means he supports the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. It also suggests that, as wristbands are so 2005, he’s a year behind the times. Does that surprise anyone?