Car crash robs US firm of managing partner

Prominent US lawyer Stephen Meyers, of New York firm Jacoby & Meyers, has died at the wheel in a car accident in Connecticut.

Jacoby & Meyers was the first US law firm to advertise its services, despite concerns expressed by traditional law firms and American Bar associations.

The firm targets middle-income earners who traditionally have little access to legal services, focusing on personal injury cases.

Meyers founded the firm in 1972 with lawyer Len Jacoby. Jacoby left the firm in 1995 to establish Jacoby & Meyers Legal Referral Service in South Carolina.

Meyers was one of two managing partners of the firm. The other, Gail Koff, who joined Jacoby & Meyers as a founding partner in 1978, will now manage the firm.

Jacoby & Meyers has 25 offices and 250 employees.