Camerons to join forces with CMS partners for Shanghai launch

As part of a new push into the Chinese market, Camerons and its European alliance partners, French firm CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre and CMS Hasche Sigle in Germany, will open a merged Shanghai office next month.

The Shanghai office will have a similar structure to last year’s joint venture between the three firms in Russia, known as CMS Moscow.

The impending launch is part of a planned CMS push into the Chinese market, which includes Camerons’ hire of corporate partner Andrew Halper, who had previously headed Eversheds China business group.

The China initiative is part of a three-year strategy agreed at a management meeting late last year to develop CMS links in other BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India and China] jurisdictions, with the network understood to be particularly targeting Brazilian tie-ups.

The new strategy also includes the further integration of firms across the network, including the rebranding of each firm as CMS.