A solicitor at the London Borough of Camden has been appointed as the council's new deputy chief executive.

Amanda Kelly, 39, has been Camden's borough solicitor since 1993 and before that was head of legal services at the London Borough of Brent.

She will continue her work in the council's legal services department in addition to her new management role.

Kelly was appointed to Camden to reorganise the department after a damming report by consultants KPMG. The department has since been restructured along private practice lines.

"I have been responsible for revamping Camden legal services. What was a moribund antiquity and a periphery of council activity is now a force to be reckoned with," said Kelly.

Chief executive Steve Bundred praised Kelly for her outstanding commitment to Camden. He said: "Amanda has proved to be a top class officer and she will play an invaluable role in our efforts to ensure that Camden continues to deliver efficient and economic high quality services."

In her new managerial role Kelly will be involved in carrying out the council's first corporate plan. She said: "My appointment is an endorsement of the chief executive's proposals to reshape the heart of the organisation delivering high quality services."