Calvert-Smith promises to make CPS victim-friendly

The Crown Prosecution Service vows to give victims of crime and witnesses full explanations of why cases are dropped, says Director of Public Prosecutions David Calvert-Smith in an exclusive interview with The Lawyer.

The CPS has been frequently criticised in the past for failing to inform victims, provoking stinging attacks in the media.

Calvert-Smith, who took over the role of DPP in November, tells The Lawyer: “I am very anxious to give those immediately concerned with the fallout of CPS decisions – victims, witnesses and the like – the best possible treatment.

“I believe that is a process that started long before I took over but I am very anxious it should continue and we should not fall down through a lack of communication with the people immediately involved in a case. They must be the first to know when an important decision is taken so they don't hear about it in the media.”

He adds: “But I am also very anxious to try and explain to the general public – if it is interested – why decisions are taken.

“There is more emphasis on going public on decision-making where it is possible for it to be done.”