Calderwood, Lisa – Hot 100

Lovells construction specialist Lisa Calderwood is carving out a niche in PFI healthcare projects. She advised both the senior lenders and sponsors on the construction aspects of the Doncaster Hospital PFI and Nuffield Hospital PFI healthcare projects.

But it is Calderwood’s commitment to improving in-house training for trainees and junior lawyers that also wins her a place in this year’s Hot 100. Entirely off her own bat, Calderwood began work on a manual for construction transactions. Writing it in her spare time over a two-year period, she produced a ‘know-how’ bible to construction law. It explains the procedural hurdles and protocol encountered when acting for various clients on different types of deals, sets out common legal issues raised by the other side and how to respond and looks at the conceptual, legal and commercial thinking on various points.

Calderwood delivered the manual earlier this year to a frankly astonished and grateful partnership, which unsurprisingly decided to adopt it on a firmwide basis.
Lisa Calderwood