Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft – UK 100

UK/global turnover: £27m/£216m

UK/global PEP: £1.3m/£982,000

UK/global revenue per lawyer: £435,000/£454,000

UK revenue per partner/equity partner: £2.3m/£3.9m

Global revenue per equity partner: £2.7m

UK/global partners: 7(12)/79

UK/global number of lawyers: 62/476

UK number of staff: 63

UK/global leverage ratio: 1:7.8/1:5

UK equity partner to staff ratio: 1:9

Equity structure: Merit-based. Equity partners either receive points based on chargeable hours, billings etc, or are paid on a fixed-share basis.

Billable hours targets: 1,800 (US: 2,000)

Billing currency: Sterling and some dollar.

Cost of living details: In 2003 there were five US lawyers on secondment to the UK. Partners and associates are provided with relocation costs, cost of living and housing cost adjustments and tuition costs for school-age children.

UK-based lawyer remuneration: All equity partners are paid in dollars, non-equity receive sterling, as do UK and US lawyers living in the UK. The exception are US lawyers who have relocated to the UK, who continue to be paid in dollars.