C4 International hires first-ever head of legal

Channel 4 International (C4I) has created its first-ever legal department following major internal restructuring.

The new head of legal is Ceetah Grieves, who has been appointed to the position of manager of business affairs. She will be solely responsible for overseeing all of C4I's legal activities.

C4I is responsible for managing the programme assets and all the co-production activities of the Channel 4 Corporation.

Grieves previously spent three years as the legal and business affairs manager at the National Video Corporation (NVC), a Time Warner Music Group Company.

Involved in co-production, distribution and commissioning agreements, she oversaw the production of more than 120 hours of arts television programmes including The South Bank Show.

C4I managing director Bernard Macleod says: “Throughout her career she has repeatedly demonstrated a keen understanding of the key legal issues facing the television industry and has proven to be a quick and ready resource at both the negotiating and production tables.”

Her role will involve increasing the company's co-production alliances and handling negotiations and contract agreements relating to the selling of programme rights and formats to other broadcasters.