BVC changes in profile

A Bar Council consultation seeking views on radical reforms to the BVC has closed – but any changes are likely to take years to come into effect.

The Bar Council launched the consultation in December 2005, giving BVC providers three months to respond to the proposed changes.

The key proposals were drawn up by the bar’s education and training committee, which said there is an ongoing need for a vocational course.

However, the committee said there needs to be more practitioner involvement in the setting of outcomes, the preparation of materials, the monitoring of courses and the assessment of students on a vocational course.

The Bar Council also wants to examine the cost implications of the BVC and whether this is a deterrent to potential new barristers.

BPP chief executive Peter Crisp said that, while the school welcomed the opportunity to review the BVC, the fact that no changes would be made for some time was a “missed opportunity”.

“It’s fine, but it hasn’t actually done anything,” said Crisp. “Talking about things is all well and good, but we’d like some action.”