Businessman touts Green Form work

BUSINESSMAN who is the subject of a Green Form fraud inquiry has set up “consultancies” to introduce legal aid clients to law firms.

Peter Lane, a self-styled business “organiser”, has consultancy arrangements with three firms of solicitors.

Under the arrangements, he is paid to “find” clients. The firms then carry out the work and claim reimbursement from the Legal Aid Board.

Birmingham-based Lane has been interviewed by the Serious Fraud Squad about his previous consultancy, Clan, which “marketed” Green Forms on a massive scale.

Under its most lucrative contract, Clan generated about £2 million in Green Form work for Birmingham solicitor Alan Pritchard.

Its controversial methods included placing adverts, leafleting housing estates, holding surgeries and visiting the homes of prospective clients on the city's council estates.

The legal aid authorities dislike aggressive marketing of the Green Form scheme because it tends to involve unqualified staff.