Burges Salmon top partner dies

Bristol firm Burges Salmon's head of employment George Dyson has died atthe age of

53.His death last week follows a fight of several months against skin cancer.Burges

Salmon partner Christopher Seaton, who managed the employment teamduring Dyson's

illness, now formally takes on the role of head ofemployment.Dyson was regarded as the

top employment lawyer in Bristol and describedby those who knew him as a “formidable

lawyer”.”He was a robust litigator with a keen sense of fairness,” rememberssenior

partner David Marsh.”He had an endearing and unusual sense of humour. He will be missed

by hispartners, particularly for the objective and cerebral approach he broughtto

partnership and management issues in Burges Salmon.”Bevan Ashford employment partner

David Widdowson, who knew Dyson well,says: “George was a charming man and an able

lawyer. The world ofemployment law will be poorer for his passing.”Osborne Clarke's

senior partner Chris Curling remembers him as aformidable lawyer. “One knew that one was

dealing with someone who wastough, but who was always prepared to find a practical

solution to aproblem.”Dyson studied law at Balliol College, Oxford. He was articled to

CowardChance, which later became Clifford Chance, and joined Burges Salmon in1973 as a

litigation assistant.He became a partner in 1977 working in general commercial

litigationbefore specialising in employment law.Dyson built up the Burges Salmon

employment team, making it the top-rankedin Bristol. He recently took on a part-time

position as an industrialtribunal chairman.