BT launches new initiative to globalise legal team

BT Group has appointed two new members to its legal leadership team as part of an initiative to globalise its legal department.

BT global services general counsel for Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Africa Gordon Moir and BT transaction lead counsel David Eveleigh have been promoted to the team, which acts as a management committee for all of BT’s legal departments.

Moir said: “The new team will be looking at how to drive success across the global legal group. It’s very much the start of a creative process. We’ve been doing a huge amount of new complex deals in IT and information and communications technology and we want to drive out those learnings across the world.”

The leadership team will look at initiatives such as translating standard contracts into German, French and Spanish and making them available online for all lawyers. BT will also move to standardise its practice management and time-recording software worldwide.

“We asked all the legal teams across the world for their input,” said Moir.

BT’s legal function has grown internationally and now numbers more than 200 lawyers. The legal leadership team includes BT general counsel Anne Fletcher, BT Wholesale general counsel Miles Jobling, BT Global Services general counsel Tim Cowen and operations manager Vivienne Hayes.