BT instructs Wragges on property job

Midlands firm Wragge & Co has further developed its outsourcing department with a new instruction from BT.`The firm will advise BT on project Jaguar, in which a consortium comprised of Reliant Security, Balfour Beatty and Carillion will be given outsourced work relating to the management of 8,500 properties.`Patrick Duxbury, joint client partner for BT with Quentin Poole, explained that Wragges has acted for BT for a number of years, but never on anything of this size.`Duxbury said: “I got to know Ann Fletcher, the current head of legal at BT, at the time of The Lawyer Monte Carlo in November 1999. As a result, BT used the firm for their overspill work from their internet media team.” The relationship developed from there.`BT presently operates an informal panel that includes Ashurst Morris Crisp and Linklaters & Alliance.`Duxbury added: “We hope to continue advising BT, but one can never assume that will happen.”