Brochure promotes UK as tax haven

A BROCHURE inviting rich overseas businessmen on an action-packed trip to the UK to explore its attributes as a tax haven has been drawn up by a small immigration and tax firm.

The 'travel brochure' produced by Elias Freeman invites wealthy foreigners on a visit which mixes tax and immigration advice with trips to the theatre and visits to top sporting events.

It also informs them they can live in the UK without paying any tax if they are advised properly.

A cultural orientation programme including advice on the ins and outs of obtaining a parking permit and a trip to the Channel Islands to visit accountants and offshore trust companies are among the services offered.

All the travel arrangements, including the hiring of a private jet, can be organised by the firm which specialises in advising wealthy overseas clients. These mainly comprise business people, along with the odd showbusiness celebrity.

The firm even says it has organised a wedding for one client, although senior partner Christopher Elias is at pains to stress he is not running a corporate hospitality operation.

“We don't go around in bright red blazers but our aim is to be the one point of contact for a client interested in moving to the UK,” he says.

“Sometimes a client who is not English will want an insight into the British way of life and I think a lawyer is as good a person as anyone to give it – if not better.”