Bright idea

Forget bonuses: the next time you want to show your appreciation to associates give them an energy-saving light bulb. Taylor Wessing saved itself some electricity – and money – by doing just that. role as the chairman of the American Bar Association.

Golden, who created the Task Force on Financial Engineering for Economic Development, has spent time with the likes of Bob Geldof and model Christie Brinkley in his efforts to raise the profile of the organisation.

Tulkinghorn is sure all corporate lawyers would find their input is vital, no?

The partners were so pleased with employees supporting the firm’s latest ISO 14001 environmental goodness certification initiative that they handed out the special bulbs as reward. Apparently the whole firm worked together to turn off lights, photocopiers and computers more often.

Tulkinghorn’s advice to Taylor Wessing associates: use legal pad, inkpot and quill and work by candlelight, thus saving so much electricity that the partners will have no choice but to gift you full insulation for your homes, several solar panels for the roof and a bicycle.

Although some chocolates would be nice too.