Briefs keep their briefs to themselves

Eversheds corporate partner Robert Moulton has a pile of soiled men’s underpants collecting in his office.

This is not some strange fetish, nor is it the result of a series of all-nighters as the M&A boom takes its toll. Nope, Moulton is collecting for Whitechapel Mission, which is looking for “male English underversions”, which Tulkinghorn assumes means Y-fronts.

The homeless mission in the East End is lacking in underpants. Lots of people donate coats, jumpers and all manner of outer garments, but strangely people are unwilling to donate their smalls.

But despite the polite request, Eversheds’ lawyers seem to be just as shy about their pants.

“I have a box with some nice labelled underpants, but I can’t pretend it’s overflowing,” says Moulton. “People are reticent to circulate their aged but serviceable pants.” Moulton is resigned to having to bulk-buy from Marks & Spencer, such has been the shortage of donations from his colleagues.

He concludes wistfully: “Lawyers as a profession don’t tend to display their pants in public.” Clearly they’re not all supermen, despite what they’d have us think.