Linda Tsang reports

Dundas & Wilson, leading legal practice in Scotland, has chosen Netware 4.1 as the base for its IT infrastructure. Part of a major IT investment to provide the business with a scalable information systems platform, Netware 4.1 will provide centrally managed business services to 300 employees at Dundas offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. David Lanc, director of Information Systems at the firm, said: "We needed a solution that would provide us with a secure and reliable networking environment and chose Netware 4.1 because we considered it the best operating platform for intensive network services."

Dart-Reflex merger

IT supplier Dart Legal Systems has merged with Reflex Business Systems to form the Dart-Reflex Systems Group, with a combined turnover this year in excess of £1 million. The group has also set up a deal with Barrett Edwards International, one of the UK's largest integrators of Novell Groupwise products, including Softsolutions and PC-Docs.