Brick Court to produce EU database

John Malpas

BRICK Court Chambers has joined forces with a new publishing company to produce an EU law database.

The tenants working from the Brussels branch of the set, which specialises in European Union law, is providing the legal commentary to the data- base of cases due to be heard by the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance.

Celia Trenton, of Trenton Publishing, says the commentary provides "added value" to the electronic information service designed to give law firms and chambers advance warning of changes in European law.

The package, 'Cases Pending before the ECJ and CFI', is regularly supplied to subscribers on a disk.

The set's barristers, headed by Nicholas Forwood QC, deal with the practical implications of key cases notified to the courts since October 1994.

Forwood says: "Raising our profile is not something we need to do at this chambers, we're all very well known. But I expect it keeps us there."