Brechers brushes up its images

Simon rogers reports

London firm Brecher & Co has bought a litigation support system from supplier Ymijs.

Ymijs's (pronounced 'images') system is already used by other litigation departments, including those of Turner Kenneth Brown and Gouldens.

The package, Rkyv (pronounced 'archive'), is able to store hard copy documents once they have been scanned into the system.

Ymijs has supplied the entire system for the firm's litigation department, including a Novell network, disk array management and BRS search software, as well as a scanner and desktop PCs.

Litigation partner Trevor Asserson says the system was needed. "We have got quite a lot of document-heavy cases," he says.

"Not large cases but things like 50 to 60-document cases which are, we think, unmanageable without this kind of equipment."

The system will not initially be linked to the firm's other systems but will only be used by the litigation department.

Ymijs founder Bill Cannings says the firm approached his company direct. "They came to us because they knew that we're the right people to provide a litigation management system," he says.

Rkyv can scan letters and documents, convert them to word processing files, if needed, and then archive them for later use. Users can then perform detailed searches on the documents by name or subject. The system can also provide lists of documents for court automatically.

Rkyv has become established as one of the best-known imaging products available and a users group has recently been set up for the system.