Brains for Christmas

Tulkinghorn was very amused upon hearing the tale of the five unsuspecting lawyers and an in-house job at Santa's Grotto in the North Pole.

Recruitment consultants Hughes-Castell advertised the festive vacancy last month as a joke, but much to its surprise received a number of serious enquires. One lawyer, who shall remain nameless, had to have the joke aspect of the ad explained several times before he believed it, and another insisted Hughes-Castell was wrong and that there must actually be a job at a company called North Pole.

Meanwhile, one lawyer's explanation for her mistake was that she felt it could be credible as she has friends who work in the North Pole – presumably not as lawyers.

Poor old lawyers – who would have thought that they still believe in Santa Claus?

Which Dutch managing partner likes to perform his favourite trick on the Amsterdam party circuit? He shouldn't be too hard to spot, he's the one in five-inch stilettos.