Brabners switches to RBS after HBOS payroll blunderManchester firm Brabners Chaffe Street has shifted its banking from HBOS to Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) after a blunder meant the firm could not pay its staff on time last month.

The firm’s 370 employees were paid up to three days late because HBOS was unable to process the payroll.

Brabners ;managing ­partner Michael Brabner said: “HBOS didn’t have any staff there – they’d all gone. We’d previously moved the bulk of our banking to RBS, but not the payroll and some cash. This was the trigger for doing so.”

HBOS said its staff had moved office as part of a planned restructuring.

Brabner confirmed that the firm had told staff it would absorb any bank charges they incurred as a result of the later payments.

The news comes as ­Brabners begins a second redundancy consultation. The ;firm ;would ;not ­comment on the total ­number of staff currently under ;review, ;citing the ­sensitivity of the issue for those involved.

The firm made eight members of staff redundant last year in its construction and ;property ;finance departments.