BPP’s GDL students get added options

BPP Law School is launching three new courses to give its GDL students the opportunity to add a specialist subject to their diplomas.

The optional programme, which starts in September, is designed to develop a wider interest in the law than that offered by the core diploma and to offer an insight into the day-to-day realities of three popular practice areas.

Students can choose one of three week-long courses, entitled ‘Evidence and Forensics’, ‘Law in the City’, and ‘International Law and Human Rights’. Each course will comprise lectures and talks from BPP lecturers and visiting professionals, in addition to court visits or excursions.

Roxanne Stockwell, BPP’s director of GDL programmes, said: “Normally students go to class with quite a lot of heavy coursework and theoretical study, and the idea here is a complete change to that. The courses are designed to take law out of the classroom and into real life.

“The International Law and Human Rights course was developed because of the popularity of the topics for students’ extended essays.

“Obviously there’s already some human rights law in the GDL, but this takes that further.”