Box clever

Having received an edict from on high that no one at Clifford Chance should speak to The Lawyer about anything at all, lawyers at the firm have been breaking the curfew to contact us on the most serious of matters: where to find a leather circular box for the detachable collars used on court shirts.`Our good friend at CC informs us that Ede & Ravenscroft on Chancery Lane or indeed Thresher & Glenny on the same street, should be able to assist.`Our friend also offers an alternative sign-off motto to the one submitted by our Canadian friend with shirt trouble (who used the charming “chance favours the prepared mind”). Well, our man at CC prefers “semper in excretia sumus, solum profundiatis variat”, or “we are always in the s**t, it's just the depth that varies”. Hmmmm.