Borat spat

Tulkinghorn is pleased to report news of a chivalrous hero among the City elite, who got into a punch-up earlier this month in a swanky City bar.

This head of department, who wishes to remain anonymous, was (or at least claims he was) protecting the honour of a female associate who was receiving the unwanted attentions of a fellow drinker.

When the lady rebuffed this chap’s offer several times, the latter said that “in his country [the man is described as having an Eastern European accent] women had respect for men”.

It was at this point, m’lud, that the partner told the man to “please leave”. Unfortunately the lech persisted, shouting “that stupid bitch” had spoilt his evening. At which point the partner literally took matters into his own hands and forcibly removed the boor from the drinking establishment by the scruff of his neck.

Tulkinghorn knows for a fact that this partner is also rather a good shot, just in case the rotter fancies seconds.