Book review

New Masters of Flash by Tomas Jankowski et al, published by Friends of ED (ISBN 1903450039)

It should be said at the outset that this is not the sort of book that you will impulse buy. And at £43 you are unlikely to get it on expenses without an eyebrow being raised. You will not find it on the business shelves or filed under "Marketing", but it could be one of the most profitable ways of spending half an hour on one of Borders' settees.

Marketing communication used to be easy. If you had the gift of the gab, you were ahead. If you knew a good photo or an intelligent logo, you were laughing. But now things are a lot more complicated and are set to become even more involved.

As new media technologies proliferate, multimedia is becoming the norm. It is no longer print or images or audio, it is all three – and they are put together in ways that are difficult to imagine.

This book is a collection of work from a variety of designers, most of them commercial, who work in this field, using one particular programme, which is unimportant. The value here is looking at how they understand multimedia communication and structure the coming together of the different aspects to make a single coherent message.

Ivo van de Grift likens good deign to a short story; Andries Odendaal muses on left-right brain design and the importance of maths in the process; Eric Jordan takes inspiration from movies' opening sequences; and Manuel Clement sings the praises of that "Lego feeling".

Ignore the tips and techniques. Instead, learn how creative – and successful – communicators, using the media-most-likely-to-be-over-designed, are grappling with the difficulties of communication.