Bogan loses constituency base after firm splits

A KEY supporter of Law Society president Martin Mears is no longer practising in the Law Society constituency which elected him to the council thanks to his firm's demerger.

Anthony Bogan, who ousted the leading Chancery Lane establishment figure Paul Marsh from the council during last year's elections, has confirmed the demerger of the Richmond arm of Saunders Palmer Ure.

The demerger means Bogan is now based in Middlesex, outside the constituency which elected him, although his residency in Surrey means he can stand for re-election in the county at the end of his term.

The split was caused by his former colleague Christopher Saunders' decision to break away from Saunders Palmer Ure which he joined a year ago as the result of a three-way merger.

The Richmond firm has reverted to its former name, Saunders & Company.

Bogan, who worked with Saunders before the merger, is now permanently based in Hounslow, Middlesex, with Saunders Palmer Ure's remaining partners.

In January he had denied reports that the Richmond branch had broken away from the firm

But last week he confirmed the demerger had taken place.

He added that the three partners based in Hounslow were holding “amicable” talks with the Richmond firm in order to agree the terms of the firm's demerger.