BOC to launch first MBA for in-house counsel

Global industrial gases group BOC is poised to launch the UK’s first ever MBA designed specifically for in-house lawyers.

BOC is planning to launch the MBA-style course, which is the brainchild of group legal director and company secretary Nick Deeming, later this year.

“As an in-house lawyer you can end up looking like your external counterparts. So we have to differentiate ourselves. For me that’s all about training,” said Deeming.

“Business lawyers have to understand the whole gamut of business so I want to create an MBA that’s focussed on lawyers,” added Deeming.

BOC wants run the MBA in conjunction with other in-house legal functions to make the project financially viable and according to Deeming it has already generated significant interest from his counterparts at other companies.

The company has also held discussions with potential course providers Ashbridge Business School and Henley Management College and is planning to speak to universities that business schools.

“If we do start the course we want to do it properly,” said Deeming.

The MBA is likely to be made up of a seven to 10 day session at the start of the course, followed by a series of weekend classes, followed by a further seven to 10 day session at the end.

Although the qualification delegates will obtain at the end of the course is yet to be finalised Deeming is adamant that it is not an extension to solicitors’ continued professianal development.