B&M will comply with Indian rules

I am writing in connection with the article which appeared in The Lawyer on 29 November (B&M plans Indian office despite limit on licenses).

Although the text of the article makes it clear that Baker & McKenzie's future intention with regard to India, when finally developed, will be to operate in full compliance with the Indian regulatory environment, the headline itself might convey the impression that Baker & McKenzie has plans to open an office in India in defiance of or in contravention of that regulatory environment.

I can state quite categorically that this is not the case.

The regulatory environment in India is complex (there are both bar and foreign exchange issues to consider). Baker & McKenzie has no plans for the firm to be present in India until the regulatory position is clarified or changed so as to permit foreign law firms to operate there.

In the meantime the firm's business and client interests are well served by the several Indian firms with whom it works, and will continue to work, on a correspondent basis.

David Yates, chief operating officer, Baker & McKenzie