BLM has cut 21 roles in the firm following the end of a redundancy consultation, affecting 13 lawyers and eight business services staff.

The firm launched the consultation over its volume motor offering in Southampton in August and, at the time, said it could affect up to 29 roles. It closed in October of this year.

BLM has managed to trim fewer roles than anticipated and those affected left the firm two months ago.

At the time, Brown said: “I’ve been using the word business because law firms are very much businesses these days. This element is the key thing we need to focus on in the profession because you have to run your practice as a business.

“It means making exciting decisions but which can be tough to deliver. You have to do it to remain relevant to your customer base.”

It is the latest consultation the firm has undergone after removing 50 secretarial roles, totalling 15 per cent of its entire support staff, and more than halving its Leeds headcount from 40 to 19 in November last year.

It has been a tumultuous year for the firm after managing partner Gary Allison and London office head Jennette Newman left the firm to be replaced by Vivienne Williams and Paula Jefferson, respectively.

A second charge in three years was recently placed against the firms accounts by HSBC after Barclays had placed the first in 2014. That initial charge was satisfied late last month, while  a 2009 debenture from Lloyds TSB was also satisfied in July leaving the HSBC charge as the final one standing against the firm’s accounts.

Pinsent Masons is understood to have certified the charge.

BLM declined to comment.