Birds of a feather…

Pheasant, for the more fickle among you, was once upon a time head of the competition group and head of international at Lovells. In 2005 he fought a contested election with the then finance head David Harris.

Pheasant lost and soon de-camped for the exciting new pastures of ambitious American firm Hogan.

Which is now in merger talks with Lovells (a vote on the deal is set for next month).

Pheasant will hardly be the first partner to be reunited with his former chums as the result of a merger. One particularly high-profile example was the return of Dewey Ballantine capital markets rainmaker Camille Abousleiman, who quit the firm for LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae in January 2007 only to rejoin later that year when the two firms tied the knot.

Maybe Pheasant should give Abousleiman a bell to see if he should vote for or against come November?


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