Bird & Bird projects 20 per cent PEP rise at half-year

Bird & Bird’s continued European expansion has helped it to a 22 per cent increase in revenues at the half-year point.

But the rapid international growth, which saw it reach 13 offices in 10 jurisdictions this year, has not hurt the bottom line.

Chief executive David Kerr said profits lagged only slightly behind revenues in terms of growth. With a projected 20 per cent increase on last year’s £344,000 on the cards, the firm would smash the £400,000 barrier.

“There’s certainly more corporate confidence around at the moment compared with the doldrums of the last couple of years,” said Kerr. “For us the harder times stopped a year or so ago and work levels have been picking up incrementally over the last 13 to 14 months.”

Kerr added that all the firm’s offices bar the most recent, Madrid, were profitable.