Bircham in Nottingham car parking levy scheme

Bircham Dyson Bell is representing Nottingham City Council in its bid to introduce the first workplace parking space levy in the UK.

The firm’s head of major projects Robbie Owen is working alongside partner Nick Evans and associate Tom Henderson to draw up proposals aimed at cutting congestion in the city.

The firm has a longstanding relationship with the council, acting on a number of major projects such as the extension of the Nottingham Express Transit tramway.

The intention of the proposed scheme is to levy businesses in Nottingham that provide car parking spaces, with the proceeds paying for two new tram lines in the city.

Owen said the levy would help decrease congestion by improving the city’s public transport system while discouraging people from driving to work.

He said the council preferred the car parking space levy over the congestion charge used in London because it will affect only businesses and commuters as opposed to shoppers.

“The city council believes it’s a more appropriate solution for Nottingham,” he said. “It’s a small stick, but the carrot is large.”

The levy will be recommended to the council officially in November.