Bianca Jagger in pro bono appeal

She said: “The best way to guarantee a fair and equitable justice system, where every citizen has the right to equality before the law without discrimination, regardless of their social status, the colour of their skin, their gender, or their religion, is for corporate law firms to get more involved in pro bono human rights work.”
Jagger, a patron of Amicus, the charity for assisting lawyers fighting for justice on death row, said: “I’m very concerned that following the terrorist attack on the US, human rights and civil liberties will be the first to suffer.
“I fear that atrocities will be overlooked in countries that have joined the coalition against terrorism; countries such as China, Uzbekistan, Russia and many others.
“In Britain and the US, anti-terrorist legislation is being passed which would have never been allowed to be passed under other circumstances.”
Jagger, who spoke to The Lawyer at the Trainee Solicitor Awards, is now calling for the full ratification of the International Criminal Court so that the terrorists can be brought to trial.
“The US government should ratify the International Criminal Court; it will be the right forum to bring the culprits to justice, it will reassure the Islamic world and will lend credibility to the US government,” she said.