Bevan Brittan hooks up with Kent Council

Bevan Brittan is set to launch a groundbreaking partnership with Kent County Council’s (KCC) legal team to target work from the healthcare sector.

The firm is teaming up with the council’s lawyers to offer the full range of legal services to NHS trusts.

Under the scheme KCC Legal will handle volume work such as property, ­contracts, debt and planning at below-market rates, while Bevan Brittan will take on complex clinical and medical negligence cases.

The service will be marketed to NHS trusts when applying for panel places.

KCC director of law and governance Geoff Wild said the scheme had mutual benefits, with Bevan ­Brittan hoping to win a place ­advising the region’s NHS trusts as well as giving KCC Legal access to a nationwide market.

“If we can get a foothold with at least one trust, we stand a chance of being able to roll it out across the region and possibly even the whole country,” said Wild.

Bevan Brittan employment ;partner ;David ­Widdowson, who is leading the partnership for the firm, said the plan was still at an early stage.

In 1998 KCC Legal was launched to offer services to clients other than Kent County ;Council ;and ­generate income for the county. Last year the group brought in a record £1m for the local authority.