Better late than never for Freshfields’ finance team

Like buses, promotions tend to all come at once.

But never one to shy away from controversy, Freshfields bucked the trend by deciding to announce two promotions two weeks after the other 22. See story.

The lucky pair are both London-based finance associates – which slightly boosts the firm’s London tally – and the official reason for the lag in announcing the move was the pandemonium of the past six months has thrown the promotions process off kilter.

In other words, finance partners may have spent too much time worrying about their own jobs to decide who should be made up into their ranks.

One senior finance partner said that the £40m restructuring that has seen up to 100 partners culled from the equity impacted the efficiency rather than the machinery of the promotions. The pair had always been singled out for partnership.

More to the point, we hear that it’s not out of the realms of possibility that more promotions will be announced shortly. Although, in what areas is anyone’s guess. Projects, perhaps? Oh, perhaps not.