Berrymans IT partner in move to DWF

DAVIES Wallis Foyster has poached a Berrymans Lace Mawer partner to head

its competition law, IT and IP department.

Berrymans salaried partner Laurence Pritchard joins Davies Wallis Foyster

in September. His remit is to expand the department. Pritchard is one of

four partners in Berrymans' Liverpool-based company and commercial law


Pritchard says he is leaving Berrymans due to “frustration” at his

inability to expand the firm's IP practice.

However, Berrymans' corporate partner in the Liverpool office Terry

Montague says: “I am surprised, my understanding certainly wasn't that

there was an inability to develop the IP practice here.

“If he had said he wanted to do that we would have been absolutely


Pritchard says Davies Wallis Foyster, a 45-partner practice with offices

in Liverpool and Manchester, intends to “grow” its commercial, IT and IP


Two weeks ago The Lawyer revealed that 85-partner Berrymans was shaking up

its Middle Eastern practice after losing the head of its Dubai office to

Denton Hall.

Berrymans has also been in secret merger talks with Davies Arnold Cooper.