Bentley does it

Tulkinghorn prefers to give a wide berth to the kind of celebrity hangouts that attract hordes of paparazzi in the small hours.

But not all lawyers are so publicity shy. One young corporate partner at Nabarro found himself dining with a client at the fashionable Nobu ­restaurant last year when he noticed that the Spice Girls were eating at a ­nearby table.

That brush with fame would have been enough for most, but worse was to come. The client had arranged for a Bentley to collect them from the restaurant. At the end of the night the pair waded through a small army of photographers and got into the car, only for the driver to exclaim: “Who the hell are you?” They had ­unwittingly climbed into ­Victoria ­Beckham’s identical Bentley.

Cue an embarrassing retreat around the corner to the sound of flash bulbs popping and roars of laughter from the assembled paparazzi.

A cautionary tale about the little-known hazards of ­travelling by chauffeured Bentley – don’t say you weren’t warned.