Bell ends’ roasting

A group of eminent international lawyers gathered at the Law Society last Monday (24 January) to face the might of the UK legal press. Fresh from a trip around the House of Lords, the delegation included a US Supreme Court justice, the American Bar Association president and the Law Society’s own Ed Nally.

Tulkinghorn and colleagues had prepared a barrage of questions concerning US legal affairs and how they concerned the world. The questioning was becoming intense and the lawyers were looking increasingly fraught over issues such as Guantanamo Bay, when they were quite literally saved by the bell. A sigh of relief came from one end of the conference table and mutterings of frustration from the other as the din of the fire alarm shattered the tension.

Then a plummy female voice echoed through 113 Chancery Lane, advising lawyers and hacks both that evacuation would be a distinct advantage. The assembly trooped downstairs and out of the fire exit, to be met by staff in yellow jackets directing everyone to “designated points”.

Law Society president Nally, attempting to follow his guests to the relevant meeting point, was promptly told off and had to head off in the other direction.

Meanwhile, Tulkinghorn pocketed his notebook and trudged back to the office, convinced that the ever resourceful (or should that be devious?) Law Society had stage-managed the whole thing.