Bel Littlejohn strikes again

Such is the power of The Lawyer's deputy editor Fiona Callister that when she speaks, lawyers listen. Take her recent Leader column (The Lawyer, 20 August) in which she berates whinging associates for failing to accept that earning mega-bucks means you actually have to do some work from time to time.
“If you're not prepared to accept everything that comes with the job, then work in a smaller practice or go in-house, but come to terms with living in Balham, not Islington. You'll still be able to afford a mortgage,” she quipped.
Such is the power of her quill, Tulkinghorn understands that partners at both Allen & Overy and Lovells now keep copies of this latest Leader column close to hand. Now known as the 'Callister strong-arm technique', when said partners are faced with grumbling associates reluctant to give up their honeymoon or tickets to see Cats or other such important private engagements in order to spend every waking hour in the office, they simply pull out a copy of the Leader and send the associates to read, cogitate and digest. Five minutes later they're back at their desks, heads bowed and ready to commit to whatever it takes to stay on the partnership track. Go Fiona.