Beaumont and Son picks up Paris aviation boutique

Aviation specialist Beaumont and Son has sealed a takeover of Paris firm Cabinet Garnault.

The Paris office will operate under the banner Beaumont Garnault, with a partnership comprising Beaumont and Son partners, plus two former Cabinet Garnault aviation partners.

These three avocats and three other Cabinet Garnault legacy lawyers will not join the Beaumont and Son partnership and therefore will not be part of its profit pool. However, Beaumont and Son partners will be entitled to a cut of the Paris office profits.

Beaumont Garnault will be managed by Beaumont and Son’s chairman, Neil McGilchrist, and its senior partner, John Balfour.

Beaumont and Son will continue to operate under its own name in London, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore.

John Balfour said: “In effect we have created a parallel partnership [two partnerships within a single structure]. This may be reviewed later on and Beaumont Garnault incorporated into Beaumont and Son. However, we want to work with them a bit more closely before deciding whether to do this.”

He added: “We also wanted to keep them separate in order to keep the Garnault name while incorporating the Beaumont name as well.”