Beating off clients

Sightseeing tours might be alright for the clients of DLA, but it seems that not all clients are happy with such civilised pursuits.
In this brave new world where the client always comes first and where (some) barristers have embraced the concept of marketing, law firms are going to increasingly ludicrous extremes to keep said clients contented. However, the approach of one head of litigation is more demonstrative of US sports agents (such as depicted by Tom Cruise in the box office hit Jerry Maguire), who would willingly sell their soul for a sufficient slice of the client's wage packet.
Our man didn't so much have to scream “show me the money” as fight for it. It all started innocently enough with the litigator treating his client to dinner. Nothing unusual there, but after the compulsory three courses with complementary and expensive wine, the client demanded something extra – an arm wrestle. Plates were cleared, shirt sleeves were rolled up and our man took on his client – and duly won (well, he is a litigator). Still the client was not satisfied and demanded full-on man-to-man combat. The dutiful chap began to move back tables and chairs in preparation, before being persuaded by the restaurant staff that the boisterous duo ought to continue their bout elsewhere. Instructions have been rolling in ever since.
If you know of any lawyers who have performed even more outrageous stunts to impress their clients, then Tulkinghorn would love to hear from you.