Beachcroft sets up focused international advice group

Beachcroft is launching a practice group dedicated to providing international advice to the firm’s expanding number of multinational clients.

The new international practice group will be led out of London by technology and commerce head Nick Holland. It will feature lawyers dedicated to advising clients about the legal and regulatory environment in key European jurisdictions.

The countries covered are France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium. A dual-qualified Beachcroft associate is responsible for each jurisdiction. Additionally, Brussels-based partner Julie Nazerali will oversee EU and competition advice.

Senior partner Simon Hodson said the new venture means that Beachcroft can extend its sector expertise from the UK across Europe.

In October, Beachcroft’s former managing partner Bob Heslett was given the task of examining the way the firm worked internationally.

Hodson said Beachcroft needed a “tighter” relationship with foreign firms and that it had to be able to provide local advice to clients.

Beachcroft’s only international office is in Belgium, which was founded in collaboration with French firm JP Karsenty & Associés in 1993. The firm is a member of two international law firm networks, which will work with the international group.

Last year the firm co-founded Counselex, a network of 14 firms focusing on risk management and litigation. Beachcroft is also part of Legal Network International, a group of more than 30 independent law firms.