Batteries not included

The hunt is on for the City’s most ecologically sound firm and Mishcons has just driven straight to the front row of the grid. Investigative reporting reveals that three partners, including head of property Nick Doffman, all drive electric cars. That’s around a tenth of the partnership buzzing around in little leccie motors.

Doffman reckons the G-Whiz is the best way to get around the City, so long as you’re not precious about sitting at the lights next to a big swinging dick in his gas-guzzling Porsche. “All you need is a power point and you’re away,” says Doffman, who presumably was not talking about his latest presentation.

strictly an email address, Slaughters have for many years had as their telex address and shelf company names ‘Trucidator’, which, not many people are aware, is Latin for murderer or slaughterer. Talk about taking