Barristers sexier than solicitors

Barristers are sexier than solicitors, according to a survey of the public's dating preferences.

The survey conducted by Drawing Down the Moon dating agency, found its female clients would much rather be dating a barrister than a solicitor.

Male barristers rank in the top five of sexiest professions – just behind architects, bankers, doctors and directors while solicitors were well outside the top ten.

Mary Balfour, director of the agency, which compiled the survey, says: “Provided barristers are neither wet nor dry the associated drama of the courtroom rates this profession higher than solicitors.

“People with dry jobs, like solicitors have to show they are at the cutting edge of commerce and an interest in something cultural.”

She says the television profile of barristers such as Kavanagh QC, played by actor John Thaw, has “added raw sex appeal to this profession”.

Bar Council spokesman Jon McLeod says: “It is the fancy dress that gives us the edge.”

Law Society spokesman David McNeill counters: “There are some absolutely gorgeous solicitors and there are more of them.”

Female lawyers ranked at number ten in the survey of men's preferences. There was no discrimination made between barristers and solicitors.